Lexus ES350/IS250/IS300 Window Clip Repair Kit

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Cheap plastic one-size-fits-all clips don’t actually fit and they’ll just break again anyway. And cheap replacement windows still use plastic clips. 

But you’re in luck because I’ve created a high quality affordable solution for your broken Lexus window, which means that you can fix your car and keep your original factory window.

Remember, the repair is as simple as can be. You perform the whole job with the window still in the car. 

Because I want to provide everything you need to do the job right, the complete repair kit includes:

  • Replacement aluminum clip(s)
  • Razor blades for cleaning old adhesive off the glass
  • Alcohol wipes for preparing the glass surface
  • 3M Urethane adhesive
  • 11 pages of instructions and color photos - we don't send paper so please access or download the instructions here

Remember, all you need are basic hand tools like Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, ratchet, and 10mm socket.

Now that you’ve done all your research, you realize that this is the only proper solution, other than purchasing a new window from the dealership, that is available.


And remember:

  • Price – this is the most affordable repair available
  • Integrity – don’t settle for a cheap replacement window with plastic clips
  • Quality – a quality part that’s guaranteed to never fail
  • Simplicity – you can complete the repair in an hour with basic hand tools

Here's a link to the full informational site:

Note: Please ensure fit before ordering. We do not accept returns if you accidentally order the wrong size